How to Navigate Child Support Matters

How to Navigate Child Support Matters

Call a skilled child support lawyer in Binghamton, NY

When a divorce involves children, child custody and child support will be an important part of the process. It can be a difficult to navigate child support matters on your own. An experienced child support lawyer will work with you throughout the process.

Robert S. Beehm, Attorney at Law of Binghamton, NY handles initial child support set up and cases where the responsible parent is not paying child support. Contact your child support lawyer now to get started on your case.

Why should you hire a child support lawyer?

The state of New York uses a formula to calculate the amount of child support required. Usually, child support remains in effect until the child turns 21. A child support lawyer will:

  • Guide your through the legal process.
  • Ensure that your interests are protected.
  • Handle your case filings.
  • Answer your questions every step of the way.

It's important get your child support agreement set up appropriately from the beginning. Call your child support lawyer today to schedule a consultation with Robert S. Beehm, Attorney at Law.