Ready to Welcome a New Member to Your Family?

Ready to Welcome a New Member to Your Family?

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Children can come into your life in many different ways. If you want to adopt a bundle of joy in Binghamton, NY, turn to Robert S. Beehm, Attorney at Law. Our family law attorney can help you through the entire private adoption process.

With over 25 years of experience, we can help the process go smoothly and by-the-book. Schedule a consultation today to start the private adoption process.

3 benefits of a private adoption

In a private adoption, the biological parents voluntarily place their child up for adoption and usually choose the adoptive parents. There are several benefits of going this route, such as having:

  1. A greater chance of adopting an infant
  2. More access to the child's family history and medical background
  3. More certainty in the future since the parents are voluntarily relinquishing their rights
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