What to Do If You Need to Legally Change Your Name

What to Do If You Need to Legally Change Your Name

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Are you interested in changing your name or your child's name? In order to make your name change official, you'll need to go through a legal process. You don't have to struggle through the paperwork or process alone. Contact Robert S. Beehm, Attorney at Law for help with your legal name change in Binghamton, NY.

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What information needs to be included in a name change petition?

To legally change your name, we'll help you throughout the process. First, we'll have to submit a petition to the court on your behalf. Your attorney will help you draft your petition to improve your odds of approval. We will go over your specific needs for your case, but generally, we will need the following information:

•The reason for the name change
•Information on past crimes or marks on your permanent record
•Information on any prior bankruptcy rulings
•Judgments or liens against you or your child
•Any lawsuits you or your child are involved in
•If you pay child or spousal support
•Information about any other parents or guardians of your child

In addition to drafting the Petition, we will correspondence directly with the court to make sure the transition to your new name is as efficient as possible.

Once the name change is approved, we will assist you with the legal advertisement required, and the steps to update any necessary records.

You should retain an attorney to ensure that you fill out your petition properly and help assist you during this legal process. Reach out to us for legal name change assistance in Binghamton, NY, and the surrounding areas.